A Note on Formatting and Frequency

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So, you’ve just finished the first episode of Loaded Literature and are thinking to yourself, “Holy molasses, Batman! I have to wait an entire month for the next episode?” If you just can’t bear to hear us chat some more about your favorite books, fear not! Loaded Literature will be returning next Wednesday at 10 a.m. wherever you get your podcasts!

Between our first recording and our first episode release, a lot has changed here at Loaded Literature. You can find a more detailed account in our blog post accompanying Episode 1, but I’ll lay out the gist of our formatting and frequency here.

We’ll cover a single novel over the course of three weeks with one episode per week. The first week will be an analysis that covers our general thoughts. The second will be devoted to the context of a given novel. This could range from biographical information of the author to a deep dive into the mythology that inspired the subject. The third week will cover adaptations of all types be it movies, TV series, or even literary re-imaginings. And then we repeat!

So, tune in next week as we dig into the Regency Period and Jane Austen’s personal history!

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