Episode 1: Reflections and an Explanation

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Adventures in Podcasting

Ahoy, mateys! Gather round for the tale of our maiden voyage upon the S.S. Loaded Literature!

New endeavors often begin with a walloping dose of enthusiasm. Ideas pollinate the air as the new venture begins and excitement blossoms. All the hard stuff—the real nitty-gritty planning—lies just over the horizon where you can’t see it when a new idea sprouts its pretty, little head in your mind. But, as you’re enthusiastically frolicking through a field of new possibilities, you should keep one eye on that horizon, so you don’t end up tripping over your own feet when you hit the implementation phase of your venture.

We, the lovely ladies of Loaded Literature, know first hand the importance of keeping one eye on the horizon. The idea for this podcast came to us last year. Our first recording attempt occurred in January. You may be wondering: what the hell happened between January and June? To be succinct, we face planted. For some of us, this was a both a metaphorical and a literal faceplant.

We started off strong, though! As we describe in our analysis episode of Pride & Prejudice, the tea party was a hit. The food was great—minus my own cakes—and the drinks were flowing. Probably flowing a little too much.  As we finally sat down (drinks at the ready) to record after a night of nervous eating, we couldn’t do much but giggle. And overthink our format. And then spend almost three hours not talking about the plot of the novel, or the adaptations, or anything more important than Charlotte Lucas. Or that’s as much as I can remember, considering I ended the night on the face down on the floor.

Since that first recording, we ended up totally changing the format of the show, discovered a lot of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making a podcast that no one tells you about, and we learned not to pregame before recording (at least not too much). Basically, we found out the hard way that turning your bright new idea into a reality is not as easy as talking about it—whudda thunk? But, we gathered together our remaining chutzpah, and tried again. I’m proud to say that it has been much smoother recording since then.

After our second attempt at recording Pride & Prejudice was a success, we were left with a conundrum: what to do with our first attempt? We had a couple of ideas. Saving it as a bonus episode for a later date. Turning the best bits into a blooper reel. Scrapping it entirely. As we listened though, we found that there were some bits simply too charming and genuine to leave out. So, what’s a gaggle of hags to do? Why, call upon their good friend and co-host Victor-ia “Frankenstein” Grey to scrap the freshest bits together and bring it to life!


So as you’re listening to our very first episode, please don’t be alarmed at any sudden changes in sound quality, jarring topic jumping, or strange misinformation (please read the following post for edits and important information we were unable to shove into the recording last minute!). Don’t listen to the first episode and view it as a bunch of audio clips of drunk women slapped together. Instead, choose to think of it as distilled enthusiasm. The past week has been a wild one for us. Victoria “Rumplstilskin” Grey has been spinning recordings into podcasting gold. Hale has been doing all the heavy lifting clerical work. And I’ve been crying in the shower. We made it over the horizon though and still have enthusiasm to burn.

Following episodes will be better, we promise. And if I am ever allowed to write a blog post again, I promise to work with more cohesive metaphors. Until then, enjoy listening and hop aboard!
— Anya

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