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Just some words about us. We are what happens when you mix three literature degrees, booze, and book clubs. We pair booze and books, and occasionally food and record ourselves talking about it. We hope you find us as entertaining as we find ourselves.

We started as a book club, and decided, “Hey. Why not record this for the world to hear?” And here we are. So now we’re stepping up our game. Our intention is to create a resource for everyone from the introvert who desperately needs a book club, to the struggling literature student looking to connect with a text outside a classroom. We will cover books with cult followings, series that shaped our childhoods, popular contemporary titles, and stories that inspire us.

The format is simple: each month we will cover at least one book. The first episode is a short summary, food and booze pairing, and analysis. The second episode is any background or contextual information surrounding the book. The final episode will be a discussion on movie or TV adaptations, or (in instances lacking any adaptations) media portrayal of themes of the book. We want you involved, and we also understand those who care less about the biography on the background and context episode, and would rather go straight to the discussion on the steamy adaptations we’ll cover. We want to hear from you. If you want to hear about a particular book, send it our way through social media or email and we’ll put it on our list.

Now meet the three weirdos who started this thing…

Victoria Grey

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I am a graduate student and teaching assistant. I am classically trained in French Cuisine. My passions are reading, writing, and cooking. I do all of these things professionally, and in my free time. I study 18th century gothic novels, Regency novels, novels set in the Regency Period, Victorian and Neo-Victorian… Let’s just sum it up by saying anything set in the long 19th century. However, I do what I do because I was introduced to Harry Potter at a young age. I was Harry’s age as the books were released. The year Hogwarts fell was the year I graduated from high school. After that, I went on a short detour to culinary school where I graduated with my degree, before returning to what I love. Books. I graduated with my BA in English, and I hope to continue in this field as long as it will have me.

I live with my amazing fiancé, and my two cats. Them and books are my life.

Contact me on Twitter and Instagram @Victoriagrey22 or by email VickiGrey22@gmail.com

Hale Healy

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Hey, I’m Hale.

I’ll just come out and say it, I’m here thanks to fanfiction. I was never a reader as a kid. My mother will tell you that I was more likely to pick up a sticker book or a picture book about dogs than a book with words in it. But I discovered fanfiction in high school and it really changed my perspective on reading. I definitely owe my career to fanfiction. I am currently a graduate student and teaching assistant. I do nothing but read and write, both for fun and for a job. I can’t complain (even though sometimes I do). I study Medieval Literature, mostly Arthurian Literature, Victorian Novels, and I have an unhealthy amount of knowledge about J.R.R Tolkien. I consider myself to be very lucky to do what I do and this podcast is an extension of that luck.

If you have any questions about my fanfiction habits or want to contact me, you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter @HaleHealy or email me HaleHealy825@gmail.com.

Anya Spector


Call me Ishmael Anya.

Do you ever feel just like a valley girl who’s constantly having a Twin Peaks moment? Because I totally relate to that. When not choking on all this existential dread, I enjoy cheap wine, mini mochaccino cheesecakes, and traveling. I’m also super into yoga as long as it doesn’t involve any standing poses. To give you an idea of my general taste level, my favorite movies are Clue and Clueless with special mention for my favorite comedy: The Silence of the Lambs. I have too many books I love to call out one specifically, but I will say I love murder mysteries, fairy tales, and anything Russian.

I promise I’m friendly so send me an email (anya.marie.spector@gmail.com) or say hi on Twitter @AnyaMSpector.


Thank you for the wonderful artists who let us use their music. Thank you to Spotify user Limes for our intro song, “My Sunshine.” Also, thank you Joe Bae for our outro song, “Study Break.” If you like them as much as we do, their links are below.