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Handmaid’s Tale Analysis

Novelist. Poet. Critic. Essayist. Inventor. Instructor. Activist. Feminist.

That is who wrote this amazing dystopian novel. Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale has changed people’s lives. It has inspired resistance. Feminists everywhere have adopted the story to serve as a warning. We hear often that dystopian novels give us a glimpse of the extremes of which our society can resort. In 2018, the surveillance of 1984, technology of Brave New World, and censorship of Fahrenheit 451 have never been more prevalent. However, Atwood’s dystopian novel gives us insight into fears of limited women’s rights, and reproductive rights. This book, however unsettling it may be, is worth the read.




Joe Bae:

Mini-Episode 2-Harry Potter Candy

This is all about the candy. No. I mean that literally. We’re just talking candy. Stick around at the end of the podcast to hear from our podcasting friends LadySh!t with Lily and Britt Podcast!


Limes: Intro


Joe Bae: Outro

Harry Potter Adaptations-Pt 1 & Pt 2

It is adaptation week, and this week we will be discussing the first and second Harry Potter movies. We discuss everything from “Snapemania” to our love for Kenneth Branagh as Lockhart. Wanna hear all about the Biggerstaff? This episode is for you! Listen to our thoughts on the first two parts to the series, and come join the conversation.

Part 1


Part 2





Outro-Joe Bae:

Ep 2.2-Harry Potter Background

Wanna know more about J.K. Rowling? Come listen to us discuss the main lady herself. We also discuss some of her alchemy inspirations for the Sorcerer’s Stone, the Mirror of Erised, all in episode one! In episode 2 we learn about basilisks and phoenixes. Listen, and come join the conversation.

Ep 1


Ep 2





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Unicorn Blood and Candy

We don’t have many recipes this week since we bought the HP Universe candy. We chose to try out the series favorites in honor of Harry’s introduction to candy with Ron on the train to Hogwarts. To novel readers, I think the Unicorn Blood reference is obvious enough it needs no explanation. Each kind of candy we tried this month were delicious, and also surprising in their own way.

  • Peppermint Imps-Hard candy, not gummys!
  • Exploding Bon Bons- contain pop rocks
    • Recommended by He-Man
  • Chocolate Frogs-Crunchy
  • Bertie Bots-just all around like Russian Roulette
  • Candy Slugs- you might fight a bitch for the pear…
    • Anya would buy them all the time if they sold them in grocery stores
    • Actual quote by He-Man: “I mean… the slugs were pretty dank”


Unicorn Blood:

I’ll be honest… This was kind of a trial and error, so I don’t know the exact measurements. The recipe that follows is a good base. Add more or less of the ingredients to taste, according to your preferences.

  • Two cups of white rum
  • One bottle of Procecco
  • Two cans of ginger ale
  • A tablespoon of honey
  • Simple syrup to taste
    • Simple syrup is equal parts sugar and water, boiled
  • Finish with baking pearl dust
    • Use a spoon to swirl to get best glittery effect
  • Note: a few drops of lemon juice might add to this recipe the jolt it needs


Happy Birthday Dark Chocolate Cake with Pino Noir Buttercream Frosting:


Link to cake recipe:

The cake recipe was great! Rather than the chocolate frosting, however, we made ours pino noir flavored. Make the buttercream frosting like normal, and do not add the cocoa powder. Instead, add your wine to taste.

Harry Potter 1 & 2

We recorded two books together thinking we would have less to say because they are the shorter novels. We ended up breaking them up anyway because (shocker) we had a lot to say about a novel that was so influential in our lives!

On June 26th, 1997, another female author published a novel that would change our lives. A scribbled napkin turned into a worldwide best seller, after no less than TWELVE publishers turned her down. July will be our first Harry Potter month! Come join the conversation, and help us celebrate J.K. Rowling.

HP Part 1


HP Part 2





Outro-Joe Bae:

Episode 0

We’re off this week, but we decided to release a mini-episode of our very first recording. Listen to three nervous newbies explain who we are, what we do, and how all of this happened! This is your introduction to Victoria Grey, Hale Healy, and Anya Spector.




Outro-Joe Bae:

P&P Episode 1.3-Adaptations

Now that you know our feelings on the book, some background on the Regency Period, and Jane Austen herself, lets talk about movies! Was the BBC 1995 version starring Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth your favorite? What about the condensed 2005 version starring Keira Knightley and Matthew McFadyen? More importantly, who was your favorite Darcy?? Listen and help us choose by joining the discussion on all major social media platforms!




Outro-Joe Bae:

Episode 1.2-Pride & Prejudice Background

This is our second episode of our Pride & Prejudice month! By now you have listened to Episode 1 and you know all about the #SALAD and #gingaSNAPS. You’ve heard us giggle, and get waaaayyy too drunk. You might have even heard our other two co-hosts, Victoria’s Cats. This new episode is our more academic episode. This episode is everything you need to know to truly understand the Regency Era (1811-1820). We also discuss Miss Jane (Stone Cold) Austen, her life, love, and writing. Grab your glass of the #Princesjunglejuice and join us for our Regency discussion.




Outro-Joe Bae:

Episode 1: Reflections and an Explanation

Adventures in Podcasting

Ahoy, mateys! Gather round for the tale of our maiden voyage upon the S.S. Loaded Literature!

New endeavors often begin with a walloping dose of enthusiasm. Ideas pollinate the air as the new venture begins and excitement blossoms. All the hard stuff—the real nitty-gritty planning—lies just over the horizon where you can’t see it when a new idea sprouts its pretty, little head in your mind. But, as you’re enthusiastically frolicking through a field of new possibilities, you should keep one eye on that horizon, so you don’t end up tripping over your own feet when you hit the implementation phase of your venture.

We, the lovely ladies of Loaded Literature, know first hand the importance of keeping one eye on the horizon. The idea for this podcast came to us last year. Our first recording attempt occurred in January. You may be wondering: what the hell happened between January and June? To be succinct, we face planted. For some of us, this was a both a metaphorical and a literal faceplant.

We started off strong, though! As we describe in our analysis episode of Pride & Prejudice, the tea party was a hit. The food was great—minus my own cakes—and the drinks were flowing. Probably flowing a little too much.  As we finally sat down (drinks at the ready) to record after a night of nervous eating, we couldn’t do much but giggle. And overthink our format. And then spend almost three hours not talking about the plot of the novel, or the adaptations, or anything more important than Charlotte Lucas. Or that’s as much as I can remember, considering I ended the night on the face down on the floor.

Since that first recording, we ended up totally changing the format of the show, discovered a lot of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making a podcast that no one tells you about, and we learned not to pregame before recording (at least not too much). Basically, we found out the hard way that turning your bright new idea into a reality is not as easy as talking about it—whudda thunk? But, we gathered together our remaining chutzpah, and tried again. I’m proud to say that it has been much smoother recording since then.

After our second attempt at recording Pride & Prejudice was a success, we were left with a conundrum: what to do with our first attempt? We had a couple of ideas. Saving it as a bonus episode for a later date. Turning the best bits into a blooper reel. Scrapping it entirely. As we listened though, we found that there were some bits simply too charming and genuine to leave out. So, what’s a gaggle of hags to do? Why, call upon their good friend and co-host Victor-ia “Frankenstein” Grey to scrap the freshest bits together and bring it to life!


So as you’re listening to our very first episode, please don’t be alarmed at any sudden changes in sound quality, jarring topic jumping, or strange misinformation (please read the following post for edits and important information we were unable to shove into the recording last minute!). Don’t listen to the first episode and view it as a bunch of audio clips of drunk women slapped together. Instead, choose to think of it as distilled enthusiasm. The past week has been a wild one for us. Victoria “Rumplstilskin” Grey has been spinning recordings into podcasting gold. Hale has been doing all the heavy lifting clerical work. And I’ve been crying in the shower. We made it over the horizon though and still have enthusiasm to burn.

Following episodes will be better, we promise. And if I am ever allowed to write a blog post again, I promise to work with more cohesive metaphors. Until then, enjoy listening and hop aboard!
— Anya