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Welcome to Loaded Literature!

Hey guys, welcome! We’re glad to have you.

This is the official blog of the Loaded Literature Podcast. We are literature majors, bibliophiles, and book club members. We analyze and discuss literature of all kinds, old and new, canon and popular fiction, well known and obscure. We cover it all! And we’ll be drinking.

Every month we will cover a different book, and pair it with booze. We’ll often pair it thematically; something inspired by the text. We will try to pair it with food as well, but we make no promises there will be food for each text.

Here’s a teaser of our first pairing. Since we’re covering Jane Austen, we decided to go all out and have a tea party!

Tea Party

About three weeks out of each month we’ll release a segment of our discussion.

First we’ll cover the summary, the food pairing, and the analysis. SPOILER ALERT! When listening to a podcast about literature, expect endings to be ruined. We plan for the summary and analysis episode to be the longest. This is our meaty discussion, where we talk characters and relationships, situations and epic moments, what-ifs, comedy, tragedy, and literary techniques. The second episode will cover the contextual stuff. This episode will be shorter, and contain information we deem necessary for interpreting the texts we pick. These pieces of information may include, but are not limited to biographical information about the author, historical context surrounding the text, publication history if its interesting, and the random themes that pique our interests. An example of a theme from an upcoming episode will be mythological stuff, ’cause monsters, yo. This segment may also include some of our weird interests that come from the texts. This will all make sense when we get to Harry Potter, because we’ll only need to go over author bio once, which leaves more time for talking about magic. Finally in episode three we will cover adaptations. We understand not all of our texts will have adaptations, so instead we will pick some themes from the book and discuss media portrayals of it. This will make sense when we get to Three Day Road. ATTN: SUPERNATURAL FANS! Wendigos are coming.

Occasionally (when we have the time and inspiration) we will release mini episodes. These may include a week four of the book of the month, where we discuss poems that relate to the texts we’re reading. We may also occasionally release a book review. We might even do these on request! We will discuss our thoughts on the book, in a super casual way, and attempt to keep spoilers out of it. Also, don’t hold your breath on these. We are busy working women! We’ll get to them when we have time.

But seriously though. We want your involvement. We want you to feel a part of our book club. Send us requests, and if we can’t get to it in the book of the month, we’ll try to get to it in a book review. We have a long list of some of the best women and men in literature, from all over the world, and it keeps growing by the day.

Now for our inspiration for the blog. We wanted to create a way for our club members to feel connected to our podcast. We will post information about each episode on our blog, recipes for each of our pairings, information about the text, pictures, and (hopefully) some of our research to make this blog a resource for students as well.

For the first episode for example, we made many tasty goodies, but most importantly, our Regents Punch. In the first blog you can expect to find a recipe for what we dubbed “the Prince’s Jungle Juice.” We also made many other goodies, but we don’t want to spoil the first blog for you.

Here’s the Prince’s Jungle Juice

Regent's Punch 2

Notice also our “Next Book” announcement on our webpage. We will update this each month so those who want to read with us have plenty of time to prepare. Our first book will be Pride & Prejudice, so dust off your copy and get reading! We don’t have an official release date yet for our first episode, but we will update the webpage the second we know when to expect it. In the meantime, find us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr to keep up with our progress in building this thing!

We look forward to book clubbing with you!

-Loaded Literature